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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Miss Him...

Posted by eikorina-NaWaL sYaFiQ at 4:30 PM
hehe...sebenarnya ni lagu Rindu Padanya Camelia yang ditranslatekan ke English...menarik jugak tau...

Since saw your face
My heart is always asking
Who is he tied my perspective

Often he passed
In the presence and greeted
So that my heart often misses
I can not forget him
Reflected in my face

I want to ask his name
But my embarrassment
Even the unspoken word
Could it have been i'm in love
Oh ... my heart is always restless

Should I declare
I feel him
Could he now has somebody else?
Vibrating feel more satisfied
When you hear the voice and eye contact
I'm like the rain and flowers
Growing bloom
At each time

Do not sleep nights sleep
Fun remembered him
When will the sun emits light
Remember in our mind is just playing himself
Oh god I miss him ...



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